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Triovest is a fully integrated commercial

real estate advisory and capital firm.  


Triovest River Landing North Tower Conference Centre


Saskatoon, SK 



To design and manage four meeting rooms, including controls for combining two rooms into one for a variety of use cases, including training events. Room technologies such as video cameras, microphones, speakers, etc. were designed for ease of access and needed to accommodate a variety of web conferencing solutions run through individual laptops or devices. 



Prominently located in downtown Saskatoon’s emerging entertainment district, the North Tower is the second phase of Triovest’s comprehensive office space. Becoming the tallest office tower in Saskatchewan it consists of 18 storeys totaling over 261,000 square feet. 

Teatrx Triovest NT Teatrx Watermark107.JPG
Teatrx Triovest NT Teatrx Watermark131.JPG
Teatrx Triovest NT Teatrx Watermark94.JPG

The use cases for the rooms were:

  • Sit and meet (no technology) 

  • Make a phone call  

  • Presentations 

  • Video Conference  

  • Internet/WIFI 

Mirroring our 'quick and easy' solutions that were favored from the Triovest East Tower project we continued to integrate audio visual technologies that would have users up and running in one minute or less. The newest Crestron touch panels with custom designed graphical user interfaces were incorporated into the meeting rooms to facilitate ease of use and quick technology adoption by simply plugging in an HDMI cable or by wirelessly presenting from the users' own device. 

A new feature added to the 2nd floor conference centre was the ability for tenants to combine two rooms into one large room for larger classroom style or training style meeting room use, The room control system was designed to switch video from two displays to three while providing configuration flexibility when combining or separating audio signals depending on the wall arrangement. 


All meeting rooms were integrated with video conferencing technologies to support the many third-party applications available over the Internet to the end-user. (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.) Installation of a USB switching along with retractable USB & HDMI cables within the boardroom table design allowed clients to utilize the microphones, speakers, video conference camera and room display with any of the cloud-based applications they chose.   

We designed all equipment to communicate over an Air-Gapped network to manage A/V equipment both remotely and locally if needed. We added Teatrx managed services so that we could get equipment alerts, remotely fix if possible and when/where required local servicing. 

Teatrx DevicesWITH LOGO-4.JPG
Teatrx DevicesWITH LOGO-10.JPG

The 2nd floor conference centre was placed on its own network to control and run all equipment. Both Shaw Communications and Sasktel were incorporated into the separate infrastructures to ensure that tenants internet connection requirements for speed and consistency will be met to deliver an exceptional user experience. 


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