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Designing for Multiple Room Scenarios

Planning out a meeting room solution is customized around conversations with our clients and their own technical teams. Out of the box solutions often solve one problem but do not address the overall experience for the end user and needs for future system growth.

Microphone factors such as sensitivity, directivity and position have a huge impact on your in-room audio quality but so do factors such as acoustics. Testing ambient or background noise in an occupied and unoccupied room along with reverberation should be completed with a sound level meter to ensure your acoustic quality does not degrade the success of your meeting.

We design solutions based on multiple scenarios within a meeting space and not just based on parts. Our go to for boardroom microphones, the MXA310 Array Microphone from @Shure is unparalleled for its overall sound coverage and ability to capture every voice in the room with pinpoint accuracy. Its exclusive “toroid” polar pattern captures table level sound, thus reducing unwanted background noise distractions.

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