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The Calgary Stampede

Yahoo! It’s Stampede time here in Calgary and us Calgarians are ready to kick up our boots and have a good time. Community spirit is in full effect as we welcome our clients and more than a million visitors to Calgary for the next 10 days to participate in some amazing events taking place around our city.

Boasting the world’s largest outdoor Rodeo with competitors looking to take home their share of the $1.5 million dollars in prize winnings here are a few history tidbits:

  1. The First Stampede was in 1912 and was only 6 days.

  2. The Big Four – a term given to the four most successful ranchers of Southern Alberta more than a century ago: Pat Burns, A.J. McLean, George Lane and A.E. Cross. They all contributed to make the first show a reality.

  3. The grounds become one of Canada’s largest music festivals hosting over 60 musical performers.

  4. The Calgary Stampede Foundation raises millions of dollars for many not-for-profit groups and community charities.

As we said last week, work hard, play hard - join us! We’d love to have you.

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