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Touchless AV - What is it?

If anything, the pandemic has heightened our awareness of just how easily germs and viruses can spread, causing us to rethink how can offices implement safe, user-friendly, #touchless meeting spaces while maintaining a focus on enabling engagement.

Along with strategies such as staggered scheduling, occupancy restrictions, mask-wearing and social distancing our clients are also looking at how to incorporate #touchless technology into existing workplace collaboration spaces.

Limiting touch-enabled surfaces, by increasing personal device control and automating user interfaces is one example of a touchless AV solution that we are accelerating for current workspaces. There are a host of other solutions to explore such as wireless presentations, automatic door openers, temperature pre-scanning solutions, automatic system turn-on, shut-down tools, room occupancy sensors, voice-based controls.

Contact us to learn how we can help your organization explore hands free AV solutions for your existing meeting spaces:

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