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Using Real-Time Data To Make Meeting Room Decisions

Thinking about changing your large board room into three smaller meeting rooms? Did you know that there is real-time data to help you make these types of meeting room restructuring decisions!

There are many benefits to understanding and measuring meeting room analytics, these can include identifying when most of your meeting rooms are being used, how many people are in them, which systems they use within the room and for how long. Cloud analytics take this even one step further and provide instant access to real-time data to make quick and accurate meeting space decisions.

If you only have 4 people consistently using a 12-person meeting room it would make more sense to split the room into three huddle rooms. Identifying this type of data gives valuable insight to support increased collaboration space productivity.

Meraki’s MV smart cameras are easy to deploy in our AV integration designs and provide quick access to a depth of analytics regarding our clients meeting room/workplace insights. Interested in seeing how they can be used:

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