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Plan & Design

Teatrx Inc. starts with understanding what the goals of the company are.  These goals, commonly referred to as 'Use Cases' are usually technology derived objectives such as wireless connectivity, video conference abilities, integrated table connections for laptops, and local room computers for meeting spaces.  Users want the technology to be easy to use and seamlessly integrate with other users in the meeting.  

Once these use cases have been determined, Teatrx Inc. diligently works toward planning and designing the technology infrastructure and room infrastructure.



We think technology should be easy to use, should work properly, and solve business challenges​.  Teatrx Inc. seamlessly integrates a working solution focused on aesthetics and usability.  


Train & Manage

Your company has access to all of this amazing technology right at your fingertips,but how do we make it work for you?  

Our goal of comprehensive training is where we start.  Our CEO believes that 'User Experience' means that employees can be up and running within one minute.  We do this by automating and simplifying the process right down to the touch of a button.  We create quick reference documentation, customized for all meeting spaces, outlining the simple steps to become connected.  

So now your up and running? but then what?

Gone are the days of 'set it and forget it'. Software updates, bug fixes, security updates, and the potential for failing hardware, are items that have to be managed and maintained regularly.  Teatrx Inc. adds value by remotely managing your services and reducing onsite interruptions when possible.  If any problems occur that require onsite maintenance, we will be there to aid with a smile.

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Microsoft Teams:

We create a way to share and organize files, collaborate, and communicate using tools within the Microsoft Teams environment.


Teatrx Inc. creates a plan based on your business requirements and thoroughly outlines the detailed steps in the process.


With a focus on the solution, and not on individual parts, we spotlight how to optimize technology for longevity and integration within your corporate environment.

The Experience:

Teatrx Inc. wants to make the end-to-end experience simple and as easy as possible.

Cost Savings:  

Assisting in design allows us to recommend where to save capital and operating expenses while utilizing cloud solutions that reduce the physical hardware and infrastructure required.


Some of Teatrx Inc. Award Winning Projects


Manufacturers we use to bring it all together

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