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Triovest is a fully integrated commercial

real estate advisory and capital firm.  


Triovest River Landing East Tower 


Saskatoon, SK 



To design and manage effective meeting rooms for clients to use with their own hardware devices. 



Teatrx was engaged by Triovest Realty Advisors to design, integrate and maintain three conference centre meeting rooms in Saskatchewan’s most significant mixed-use project, River Landing.  

The 13 storey, 180,000 square foot East Tower project started with a primary goal that would allow clients to seamlessly connect and present using their own devices (laptops, smartphones) within the

custom-designed meeting rooms. 


To design a ‘quick and easy’ solution Teatrx focused on integrating some of the latest technology available. With so much A/V equipment shifting from the ‘way it has been done’ to ‘the way it will be done’ we focused our design on and around the Network infrastructure and technology that integrates within. 

The use cases for the rooms were: 

  • Sit and meet (no technology) 

  • Make a phone call  

  • Presentations 

  • Video Conference  

  • Internet/WIFI 

To accomplish ‘quick and easy’ we designed a solution that would allow clients to be up and running within one minute. We introduced automation technology that empowered users to manage multiple collaboration tasks via a simple and intuitive touch panel. By simply plugging in an HDMI cable into their device the system would automatically present content in less than 10 seconds. 


Video conferencing was a bit more challenging because of the many third-party applications available over the Internet to the end-user. (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.) Installation of a USB switching along with retractable USB & HDMI cables within the boardroom table design allowed clients to utilize the microphones, speakers, video conference camera and room display with any of the cloud-based applications they chose. Extensive testing was conducted to replicate a client’s interaction with this solution.   

 We designed all equipment to communicate over an Air-Gapped network to manage A/V equipment both remotely and locally if needed. We added Teatrx managed services so that we could get equipment alerts, remotely fix if possible and when/where required local servicing. 


We designed the infrastructure center for flexibility and scalability.  Utilizing one centralized rack with environmental controls gave us the flexibility to safely and securely manage the infrastructure in one place and included technology for remote monitoring capabilities. We worked closely with Triovest’s own IT department along with Cisco, Shaw Communications and Sasktel in order to ensure internet speeds were at an optimal level to deliver an exceptional user experience. With both hard-wired and WIFI internet connections the solution was ready to handle and tackle client requirements.  


By working collectively with Triovest, their general contractor Ledcor, engineers, interior designers, Gibbs Gage Architects, trades and furniture providers, collaborating via Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard allowed us to filter information quickly to all participants.   


Our partners such as Microsoft, Bose, LG, Vaddio, Shure, APC, Crestron & Cisco were great to work with and assisted to ensure the solution presented users with seamless collaboration tools that were user friendly and sustainable for future expansion. 

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