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Meadowlark Park
Community Hall

New Video Conferencing Presentation Equipment


Calgary, AB

Project Goal

To provide association members with a simple and easy to use video conferencing and presentation solution for hall rentals. 

  • quick and easy connection to video, audio and microphone inputs.

Project Overview

We were very happy to be called upon to help our friends over at the Meadowlark Park Community Hall here in Calgary as they looked to retrofit their main hall with a conferencing solution for this multipurpose facility. As a not for profit association we were pleased to donate our design and install time as we looked to improve internet speeds and the audio and visual capabilities within the large main floor hall. 


Main stage

Quick & Easy Connections

In order to ensure presentation capabilities at the main stage we installed FSR recessed floor boxes and covers for the permanent installation of microphone and power connections. 

With limited acoustic treatment within the main hall we had to look for a sound solution that would counter as much reverberation of sound as possible and chose to install a complete Bose Audio solution. We installed four Bose Professional EdgeMax premium loudspeakers that combine a vertical pattern for room-filling coverage with the preferred aesthetics of an in-ceiling mount. A Bose ControlSpace was installed to allow for the configuration and monitoring of the entire audio system and the multiple components included within the hall. We incorporated Shure Microphones into the design with their unmatched vocal performance to deliver warm, crisp sound while having the ability to minimize background noise.

Recessed Floor Boxes
Recessed Floor Boxes

Custom Metal Display Enclosures

Because the depth of the room measured 50’ we added two 86” LG displays to the front stage area. Custom metal enclosures were designed and fabricated with reflective glass to protect the large displays. These dual displays allow premium viewing from any angle as well as provide split-screen or dual-screen presentation simultaneously. The left display was attached to a Peerless wall mount to provide built-in cable management and hide all components and cords. Included within the main hall was the Vaddio Conference Shot 10 to provide an HD pan, tilt and zoom camera to deliver excellent image quality for all conferencing requirements.

Custom Display Enclosures

Dedicated Server Room Retrofit 

Immediately behind the stage a closet was retrofitted with a Startech enclosure to provide a clean, finished and secure location for all the AV gear. This included a Cisco Meraki MX65 Firewall and 8 port swtich, Bose Controlspace EX-1280C with EX-UH for USB connectivity to laptop, Bose 8500amp, Cyber Power UPS with Power conditioning and cloud managed notifications. A Leviton Wall enclosure was incorporated to house the docking station and Bose EX-UH for the USB-C Cable. A Crestron Control was tied into the entire system and placed behind a plexiglass box for added security and keyed access.

Dedicated Rack Room

Project Photo Gallery

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