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Smart Building Technology and Workspace Management

We are a certified consultant and designer of intelligent systems that provide property-wide access through contactless, cloud-based solutions.

A new standard in protecting your people, property and profits.

As a Smart Building Consultant we advise property owners, and organizations on the implementation of entry control technologies and strategies that manages access permissions, intruder detection and building automation for complete management of your site security. 


As a certified dealer of the ButterflyMX® technology, integrating access control solutions like their smart locks and mobile applications helps us provide our clients with greater building security and automation.

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Secure, convenient and affordable.

Access Control


Intrusion Detection

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Building Automation

Our technology enables users to effortlessly gain entry using their smartphones, eliminating the need for card programming and reducing the risk of lost access cards. 

We ensure that only authorized individuals have access to designated areas and provide you with proactive alerts and capturing video footage based on motion detection. 

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Automated building solutions that reduce energy consumption, including sensors that collect data on occupancy, temperature, humidity and water. 

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Offsite Monitoring

Offsite monitoring with real-time insights provides peace of mind with alarm alerts so that a response can be initiated. 

Smart Cameras

We are able to get eyes anywhere with flexible camera deployments and cloud-first visibility utilizing the Cisco Meraki MV smart cameras.

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Solutions to Improve Building Access 

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Commercial Properties

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ButterflyMX Multifamily

Ready to start your access control project?

As a Certified ButterflyMX Dealer we supply our clients with with access control systems installation. Interested in installing a smart video intercom system for residential, commercial, office, industrial or a mixed-use property? Get in touch with us today.

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