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Is Your AV Setup Secure?

Updated: Jan 12

Network security should be one of the foremost considerations when planning and designing an AV system today. Simply put, all devices connected to a network are at risk! It is said that every 39 seconds a cyber attack happens and globally an estimated 30,000 websites are hacked every single day! (Zippia)

One consideration that often seems overlooked is the security within your video conferencing system. How many times do users not even recognize that their system is connected, and the video conferencing camera is on? Camera covers or ensuring cameras are pointed to the floor or wall before and after meetings are often an overlooked security practice that can reduce considerable risk for any company.

If you are now asking yourself, “how secure is our AV setup?” then it’s probably time to have us come in and conduct an audit and find out what can be improved and added to prevent issues before they occur.

*Work Cited: Zippia. "30 Worrisome Cybersecurity Statistics [2022]: Data, Trends And More" Oct. 10, 2022,

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