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Meeting Room Sizing and Display Position

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Reviewing your meeting room display? Let’s talk display sizing and display position.

As a commercial AV specialist we make sure to consider many factors when determining the best display for your meeting room. Often we look at ceiling height, wall width and the distance from the farthest viewer. What you can't ignore is also the type of content you want to display along with how you are going to mount it and whether you will have glare or not. So what is the ideal size so that you don't need to crank your neck, squint your eyes or move your chair, let us share a few general guidelines below:

Sizing Requirements:

Large Meeting Rooms – one or two 55”- 80” flat panel displays

Small Meeting/Huddle Rooms – one 32”- 55” flat panel display.


Whether wall-mounted or set on meeting space furniture the most comfortable viewing height is generally 48” above the finished floor to the displays bottom edge.

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