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Safety & Security in the "New" Workplace

The need for flexible and agile work styles has accelerated with COVID-19. Although a percentage of workers will return to the traditional office at some point in the future they have now left the safety and security of the workplace and the company’s devices are being exposed to greater risk. Here are some considerations to explore.

Full-disk encryption – As data is written, it is automatically converted on a hard drive into a form that cannot be understood by anyone who does not have the key to “undo” the conversion.

LOG OUT – it's important to limit the opportunity for someone to access your devices both at home and in public places.

Strong Passwords – A password policy that includes inactivity timeouts, alphanumeric codes, use of two-factor authentication should become mandatory. Never leave devices unattended or on public display.

As you provide easier access to all, the long-term implications on security, manageability and ability to remote monitor will require consistent provider support.

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