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Stop Trying to Find the Wrong Cord!

Stop trying to find the wrong cord!

Many workplace meeting spaces still operate with the cost and inconvenience of fixed cable installations and mismatched cords. New and existing touchless meeting room solutions should be a part of your return-to-work strategy when adhering to new COVID workplace policies. When evaluating wireless presentation solutions here are a few things to ask yourself:

Is it easy to set up?

Can visitors and clients use them?

Can we use our own devices?

Miracast technology through our partners at #Screenbeam checks off each of these questions. Support for internal and external networks in one device, no apps to install and maintain, no dongles or cables required, quick switch between presenters, single device for wired and wireless connections, multi-network support, multi-view content sharing, quick switch presenter control, three levels of security for connections.

Let’s make it a simple, stress free, touchless meeting room experience.

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