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The Costs of An Outdated System

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Have you considered these hidden costs of an outdated system?

We often talk about employee downtime and decreased productivity as a cost because there is nothing more frustrating than losing valuable work time to troubleshooting meeting room system failures or cumbersome setups. Outdated conference systems are typically multi product, large and heavy which requires more resources to ship, install and maintain. Can you even source that old bulb for your outdated projector system? Not to mention the cost of the bulb itself! No compatibility. Technology and system trends are ever changing, and old systems no longer support the needs of the modern-day meeting room.

Whatever your collaboration needs; BYOD, Cloud-based Video Conferencing, Interactive Displays, we will find a great custom solution that will improve your bottom line and the overall performance of your meeting rooms. Have a look at our project solutions today:

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