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Creating an open and inviting showroom


Calgary, AB

Project Goal

To create an open and inviting office showroom through proven audio and video conferencing solutions. 

  • quick and easy connection to video, audio and microphone inputs.

  • how to be up and running in one minute or less.

Project Overview

When TEATRX had a chance to move their Calgary offices they decided to create an audio and video showroom. These solutions deliver high-definition visual communication tools with flexible connectivity options for a variety of environments and requirements. 

TEATRX Inc. Office

Key Features

  • Room booking and visitor management through Microsoft 365.

  • Control of devices through Kramer Control and cloud management.

  • Management of business analytics and insights through an online dashboard.

  • Equipment updates and upgrades from the cloud.

  • Sound absorption.

  • Dual display capabilities tied into one computer via a USB-C cable.

  • All-in-one USB conferencing device. (Bose VB1)

  • Enhanced audio performance with Bose VB1 and Crestron Saros sound bars.

  • Microphone integration – ability to switch between the Bose VB1 and a table array microphone (Shure MXA310).  

  • Three content sharing platforms including Screenbeam, Airtame 2 and Apple TV for wireless presentations and digital signage management.

  • Table box with retractable USB-C cable including a hardwired internet connection and power supply.   

  • Floor track to provide cable management.  

Room Booking & Visitor Management

TEATRX integrated hardware and software from Evoko for flexible room booking and visitor management. This room booking panel shows clients how to identify at a glance whether the room is available or occupied based on color. Clients can control the room manager directly from the screen or through Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Environment.  Visitor management can be run through an external tablet (iPad) for guest check in and out.

Evoko Room Booking Panel

Sound Quality | Video Conferencing & Presentation System

TEATRX installed sound absorbing panels on the perimeter walls and ceiling to improve the open concept meeting room’s acoustical performance.  Installation of the Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device delivers premium audio and video. Single cable connectivity enables us to be up and running for a presentation or in just a few minutes. An additional sound bar, the Crestron Saros was used to enhance the audio performance of the second display.

Two 4k ultra hd video cameras (Bose VB1 & Huddly IQ) were used to provide high-definition auto framing, group and gallery viewing and zoom in capabilities.​We utilized Airtame to provide screen sharing from any device whether you use AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast. Our front of room displays also act as information screens that can be managed from anywhere to display scheduled content from our social media platforms or to communicate internal messaging. Windows Ink – For touch and annotation (built into the operating system in windows 10 & 11) 


Microsoft Teams – Video conferencing, project file storage, collaboration, communication, and project management.  

AV Control

We used Kramer Control to manage all major AV, collaboration, and automation components within our new meeting space and to provide remote operation of any device from the cloud. The Kramer Control ensures that all components are automatically and seamlessly updated with the latest software upgrades while providing analytic and insight reports so that an organization can look at room usage, performance overviews, energy utilization, device health and much more.


Table Boxes & Cable Management


Installation of the Evoko table cubby with retractable cables including a USB-C connector handles audio, video and power all from a single cable.  

Installation of the FSR floor track shows clients a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires. We love that this track provides separate compartments for access to power, data and AV connectivity on any floor surface including concrete, wood, tile, laminate, and carpet.

Kramer Control

Project Photo Gallery

Click on an individual photo to view full size photo in our project gallery.

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