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Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Providing Access to All with Interactive Screens in Every Classroom


Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS)


Calgary, AB

Project Goal

To refresh six existing classroom spaces for on-site and remote students.

Project Overview

The CCIS were looking to create collaborative and inclusive learning experiences for in-person and remote students. In addition, CCIS aspired for these classrooms to be adaptable and used as a multipurpose environment that could be configured easily depending on how the space was being used.


Initial direction and thoughts from CCIS were to just add interactive displays in each of their six classrooms, however after completing an on-site Audit and Design we worked together to understand the additional required support and equipment necessary to achieve their goals. 

Read on to find out more about how we developed a road map to meet their current needs and our relationship to educate and provide solutions that can be budgeted and planned to meet their future goals. 

CCIS Classroom

On-site Audit & Design

Our on-site audit determined the following scenarios that the classrooms needed to consider:

  • Video conferencing capabilities using applications that were specifically designed or used by CCIS. (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.)

  • Dual Screen Setup Capabilities – Enabling teachers to present and interact with content on one screen while still having the ability to interact with students via videoconference on a second screen.

  • Structural Supports and Power Supply – Large interactive displays are heavy and require proper structural support backing to be included within the wall. The current walls intended for each display were void of backing and required additional circuits to ensure proper power.

  • FSR Smart Raceway Foor Tracks – A way to protect wires and cables that ran from displays to the teachers desks.

Wall Backing Design
Wall Backing Design

Working Together with Facility Contractors

TEATRX created detailed drawings for CCIS’ facility contractors of all current and future conduit locations, wall backing, electrical, floor track integration and proper height elevations of all equipment. By designing with 1 1/2” conduits we created pathways between the displays, into the ceiling and finally a floor track to hide and protect cables to each teacher desk. This prevented any concrete coring and would allow them to install and upgrade future audiovisual equipment that could integrate easily into the current design.

CAD drawing conduits

All-in-one Video Conferencing

To ensure remote students had as little disruption from in-classroom noises we used the Bose VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing sound bar. The 6 beam-steering microphones ensure that focus is on voices and not unwanted background noise.  The 4K ultra-HD wide angle field of view camera made certain that each participant in the room could be seen and heard clearly.  

Wall Mount

Project Photo Gallery

Click on an individual photo to view full size photo in our project gallery.

Photo Gallery - Garden
CCIS Classroom

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Kahkashan Maqsood, Program Manager

"I recently had the pleasure of working with the experty team at TEATRX on a project to install BenQ screens in our classrooms here at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand my department needs and provided me with a tailored solution that exceeded my expectations. The equipment they provided was top-notch, and the installation was flawless. They worked quickly and efficiently to install the screens and provided excellent training on how to use them. The TEATRX team is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and accomodating when it came to answering our questions and addressing any concerns we have. We are extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend this company. 
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