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Teatrx Inc. Plans, Designs and Integrates custom Audio/Visual solutions for corporate meeting spaces.




It starts with outlining your goals.  From there, Teatrx Inc. plans and designs the technology structure and room infrastructure​ needed to bridge the gap between construction, IT, operations, and other key stakeholders.


We think technology should be easy to use, work properly, and solve business challenges​.  Teatrx Inc. seamlessly integrates a working solution focused on aesthetics and usability.


Teatrx provides Value by automating the user experience from the touch of a button, providing quick reference documentation and remote managed services to reduce

onsite interruptions.  

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At Teatrx Inc. we believe that life and business are about three things:  Experience, Accountability, and Integrity. 


Did we provide a positive experience?  Were we accountable for your requirements? Did we act with integrity to exceed your expectations? 

Life is about making life better for others. Our goal is that we can integrate solutions that help your day to day business operations work better, getting you home to your families a bit quicker than a day without Teatrx solutions.



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