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Choice Properties REIT
Commercial Office Project

Design and Management of Seven Meeting Spaces


Calgary, AB

Project Goal

To design and manage seven meeting spaces for the clients Calgary office space.  

Project Overview

When Choice Properties in Calgary merged their industrial and office space into a single open concept environment they engaged Teatrx to design seven multi-functioning meeting rooms for the ongoing collaboration of clients and employees. 


Choice Boardroom

Key Features

Important considerations for the project included: 

  • A meeting space with its own dedicated computer running Windows 10 

  • Cable cubby’s with retractable cable access so when not in use, cables can be stored out of sight but remain connected to the system.  

  • The ability to wirelessly share content from a users screen to a meeting space display for easy viewing and access.  

​The project incorporated all of the above considerations into seven meeting spaces which included a large executive boardroom, huddle rooms and a centralized temperature controlled infrastructure room.  

Tables were outfitted with Crestron cable cubbies to conceal all cables within. Features such as retractable HDMI and USB connections make it easier for employees to quickly get connected and start conferencing. Crestron Mercury units were used to support any chosen video conferencing service as well as the Crestron touch panel for automating video, audio and USB switching. The large boardroom required Crestron microphone pods to allow participants controls from around the table.   

Crestron Room scheduling touch screens were tied into their IT exchange environment and Robin search engine software was used so that appropriate meeting spaces could be found from within work calendars. 

Adoption was quick and swift, using two 45 minute training sessions to allow staff to ask questions and gain feedback. Quick reference guides were also created, offering visual training documentation for staff. 

Choice huddle room

Remote Management

All the equipment was tied into Cisco Meraki network switch air-gapped from the corporate network which allows Teatrx to manage equipment, receive notifications and maximize system uptime.


With our managed services we are able to capture data if devices go offline and we can proactively remotely remediate if possible or head to the location if needed. This allows us to provide real-time support to keep the meeting room equipment in working order with limited downtime. Managed services included system maintenance as well as training and user adoption.  

Choice Properties

Network Infrastructure Design

We switched to the IT-A/V infrastructure and used one 4-post rack to house IT, A/V, Internet, UPS and power conditioning for all equipment. We also calculated and planned for external 3rd party devices such as cable modems, cable boxes, network, fiber and building equipment that would need to be located and powered within the room. 


A topology was started for the A/V equipment in the rack and centralized a Crestron control processor, Crestron DM-MD 8X8 matrix switcher, Cable box, 48 port network switch and firewall dedicated for A/V needs to control and manage the executive boardroom and six other meeting spaces  via our managed services platform. 

Choice Properties

Project Photo Gallery

Click on an individual photo to view full size photo in our project gallery.

Choice Properties Huddle Room

Choice Properties

" Scott and his team have been, and continue to be, an excellent service provider for Choice Properties. We engaged TEATRX to design and integrate a custom audio-visual solution for 7 of our meeting spaces. Following a successful implementation, TEATRX provided training for all our colleagues, as well as "cheat sheets" for easy reference. The entire process was seamless - there were no surprises in the pricing nor timing of delivery, and they continue to provide exceptional support. For example, when we moved offices, they were happy to work closely with our IT Team to minimize service interruption during the transition. Choice Properties is a proud partner of TEATRX."
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