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River Landing
East Tower Conference Center

Designing Conference Centers where tenants can bring their own devices


River Landing East Tower Conference Center


Saskatoon, SK 

Project Goal

To design and manage effective meeting rooms for clients to use with their own hardware devices.

Project Overview

TEATRX designed, integrated, and manages three conference center meeting rooms in Saskatchewan's major mixed-use development. 

The 13-storey, 180,000-square-foot East Tower project started with the primary goal allowing clients to seamlessly connect and present using their own devices (laptops, smartphones) within the custom-designed meeting rooms.

River Landing East Tower Conference Center

Quick and Easy Meeting Room Solutions

To design a ‘quick and easy’ solution Teatrx focused on integrating some of the latest technology available. With so much A/V equipment shifting from the ‘way it has been done’ to ‘the way it will be done’ we focused our design on and around the Network infrastructure and technology that integrates within. 

To accomplish ‘quick and easy’ we designed a solution that would allow clients to be up and running within one minute. We introduced automation technology that empowered users to manage multiple collaboration tasks via a simple and intuitive touch panel. By simply plugging in an HDMI cable into their device the system would automatically present content in less than 10 seconds. 

Bring Your Own Device - Smart Meeting Rooms

Winner of the 2020 Integration Award for Best Meeting Room, this AV system was flexible enough to work seamlessly regardless of the equipment being used, the attendees, and the type of meeting. To accomplish ‘quick and easy’ we designed a solution that would allow clients to be up and running within one minute or less.

Audio Quality - Capturing Every Voice in the Room

Guaranteeing high quality audio for our clients starts with our partners over Shure. With some of the most innovative audio hardware on the market, speech intelligibility is of primary importance in corporate, institutional and government environments. Often our boardrooms will house the MXA310 Array Microphone for its unparalleled integration and overall sound coverage as it's able to capture every voice in the room with pinpoint accuracy.


Be up and running in one minute or less

Elevating User Experience and Connectivity

The 18th-floor setup operates on an independent network dedicated to managing all equipment on that specific level. Integration of both Shaw Communications and Sasktel into the infrastructure was meticulously executed to fulfill tenants' internet speed and reliability needs, ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Project Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery - Garden
River Landing East Tower Conference Center

River Landing East & North Towers

Blair Sinclair, Executive Vice President

"Scott Muhlbeier and his team responded to our challenge of creating boardrooms that offer best of class technology that will not only meet today’s technology but is also adaptable as communication technologies evolve.  Teatrx provided much needed technical advice and guidance to both the Triovest team and our base building consulting teams by offering creative and cost effective solutions to balance our goal of providing best of class infrastructure while recognizing the importance to maintain budget for these amenities."
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