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River Landing
North Tower Conference Center

Designing Conference Centers as Flexible Working Spaces


River Landing North Tower Conference Center


Saskatoon, SK 

Project Goal

To design and manage four meeting rooms, including controls for combining two rooms into one for a variety of use cases, including training events. Room technologies such as video cameras, microphones, speakers, etc. were designed for ease of access and needed to accommodate a variety of web conferencing solutions run through individual laptops or devices.

Project Overview

Prominently located in downtown Saskatoon’s emerging entertainment district, the North Tower is the second phase of Triovest’s comprehensive office space. Becoming the tallest office tower in Saskatchewan it consists of 18 storeys totaling over 261,000 square feet.  

River Landing North Tower Boardroom

Quick and Easy Meeting Room Solutions

Building upon the success of the East Tower project, we've further integrated audio-visual technologies ensuring users are operational within a minute. The latest Crestron touch panels, complete with custom-designed user interfaces, were introduced in meeting rooms, simplifying usage and technology adoption. Users can effortlessly connect by plugging in an HDMI cable or wirelessly presenting from their own devices.

A significant enhancement in the 2nd floor conference center allows tenants to merge two rooms into a single, larger space, ideal for classroom or training-style meetings. The room control system smoothly transitions video displays and offers configuration flexibility for audio signals based on the room's layout."

Room Merging - AV Flexbility

There are multiple scenarios or use cases for meeting rooms these days and spaces need to be designed to accommodate this need. This solution we designed for our clients focuses on moving furniture into multiple layouts within one large room and merging video and audio from one room into two.

Skyfold Room Divider

The Skyfold acoustic folding retractable wall acts as a room divider in the 2nd floor Conference Center at River Landing. There are multiple scenarios or use cases for meeting rooms these days and spaces need to be designed to accommodate this need. The video and audio solution was designed with a motion censor that identifies whether the room divider is up or down thus determining whether to combine audio/video into one or two rooms.

Teatrx Triovest NT Teatrx Watermark58 - Copy.JPG

Meeting rooms that support multiple video conferencing applications

Elevating User Experience and Connectivity

The 18th-floor setup operates on an independent network dedicated to managing all equipment on that specific level. Integration of both Shaw Communications and Sasktel into the infrastructure was meticulously executed to fulfill tenants' internet speed and reliability needs, ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Project Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery - Garden
River Landing East Tower Conference Center

River Landing East & North Towers

Blair Sinclair, Executive Vice President

"Scott Muhlbeier and his team responded to our challenge of creating boardrooms that offer best of class technology that will not only meet today’s technology but is also adaptable as communication technologies evolve.  Teatrx provided much needed technical advice and guidance to both the Triovest team and our base building consulting teams by offering creative and cost effective solutions to balance our goal of providing best of class infrastructure while recognizing the importance to maintain budget for these amenities."
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