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A 3D Sound Experience - Try it!!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Who’s there? Seriously you want to try this. Grab your noise cancelling headphones and take a few minutes to experience true authentic sound. It’s crazy!!! I seriously thought someone was at my door.

Sound quality isn’t a luxury meeting room item anymore, it’s a baseline for what all audio should sound like even in our hybrid work environments. The first step to achieve authentic audio is to upgrade your headsets. There are many on the market today however our go-to for delivering ultimate audio technology while reducing unwanted noise is from our partners over @Bose.

They feature a revolutionary adaptive microphone system for making and taking video conference calls in less-than-ideal conditions. This is only one part of our bag of tricks when providing superb audio for our clients. We are always happy to come in and assess your current audio technology and provide an overall sound analysis. Sound is so much more then just a microphone, a headset and acoustics…it deserves a well thought out plan. Call us: 587-743-0266

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