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Creating Long-term Partnerships

We are obsessed with delivering high-quality, efficient and consistent results for our clients. We are a multi-skilled team that provides complete service and support for the integration of your commercial audio visual, networking / cloud services and smart building solutions. Some clients know exactly what they want and others allow us to exercise our creative input. We always look to create long-term partnerships with our clients, it's what we have always strived to build.

“Scott and his team have been, and continue to be, an excellent service provider for Choice Properties. We engaged TEATRX to design and integrate a custom audio-visual solution for 7 of our meeting spaces. Following a successful implementation, TEATRX provided training for all our colleagues, as well as "cheat sheets" for easy reference. The entire process was seamless - there were no surprises in the pricing nor timing of delivery, and they continue to provide exceptional support. For example, when we moved offices, they were happy to work closely with our IT Team to minimize service interruption during the transition. Choice Properties is a proud partner of TEATRX.”

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