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Delivering the same experience in every room


Calgary, AB

Project Goal

To design “easy to use” meeting spaces where employees and guests could be up and running in ‘one minute or less.’ All rooms were to deliver the same experience with one cable connection providing output video, audio and charge a user’s device.

Project Overview

The LEDCOR group in Calgary has a new home. Moving from their industrial location to offices downtown presented the opportunity to engage an Audio-Visual Specialist that could design and integrate meeting room solutions that incorporated ease of use, flexibility and collaboration.


Teatrx worked together with LEDCOR’s internal construction team to ensure that meeting room experiences delivered a consistent and straightforward user experience, easy room management and options for future adaptations if required.

LEDCOR small area collaboration huddle space

Key Features

  • Reception Digital Signage

  • Executive Meeting Room with Room Booking features.

  • Executive office space fitted with video conference and presentation capabilities.

  • AV Flexibility – Multiple Meeting Scenarios in One Room

  • Small group open area presentation and collaboration space.

  • Small meeting space within the Kitchen area to encourage presentations and collaboration.

  • Network and audio-visual infrastructure designed to support all Telecommunication, IT and AV in one location.

  • Cable Management - Floor Tracks

Large Executive Meeting Room

LEDCOR required installation of an 86" display, room controls including a room booking panel and a smart room device that would give meeting room participants a one-touch meeting start option, provide crystal-clear audio, manage cables, and communicate via voice and chat on Microsoft Teams. TEATRX integrated these controls within their Microsoft Exchange environment and provided the ability for end users to plug in and present on any platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet) with any device through retractable HDMI or USB-C cables housed within the meeting room table. 

Iphone Main Boardroom Picture 3.jpg

Small Area Collaboration Space

Designed as an open area collaboration space with beautiful slatted wood walls, this five-seat huddle area was designed for quick presentations and as a casual collaboration space. Simple and straightforward cable design for quick plug and present options for employees and guests.

Small Area Collaboration Space

Lunch Room Collaboration Space

Two additional small collaboration spaces were designed as part of the office lunchroom. One TV was integrated with Apple TV which can be used for digital streaming and entertainment and as a display for business content like social media news, presentations, or slideshows.  The booth display was designed with a one cable quick connect feature for small collaborations of up to four people.

LEDCOR Lunch Collaboration Space

Cable Management

To ensure all electrical and information cabling pathways were routed safely while maintaining a clean and sleek interior office design TEATRX installed electrical floor raceway components. This provided a cost-effective solution and alleviated the requirement for any concrete to be cored during the office renovations.

Cable Management Floor Track

AV Flexibility - Multiple Meeting Room Scenarios

LEDCOR maximized the functionality of their space to accommodate multiple meeting room scenarios to be able to move from small groups to large groups seamlessly. The advantage of utilizing a manual curtain wall gave them the ability to combine two separate meeting spaces into one large classroom or training style meeting room or to turn the entire area into a large event gathering space.  Furniture posts and swivels were custom designed to ensure power and low voltage cables would not get damaged when tables were moved.


Audio-visual requirements included the following: 


  • One cable Laptop only connection with one cable if possible. 

  • Moveable tables that they could layout in any combination of arrangement. 

  • A room management sound system to sync with speakers and microphones with excellent quality sound. 

  • Multiple cameras to switch easily within video conference applications. 

  • In-table charging stations for laptops and mobile devices. 

LEDCOR multi-purpose room

Network Infrastructure Design

Working together with LEDCOR’s IT team, a network and audio-visual infrastructure room was designed to support all Telecommunication, IT and AV in one location. All equipment was designed to fit within one rack where we utilized separate battery backup and power conditioning units and integrated alerts for possible power spikes and outages. The equipment locations were planned out with proper spacing for ventilation and cooling to ensure maximum equipment life expectancy.

Planning cable management, storage within the rack and ensuring proper grounding of equipment was paramount. TEATRX utilized new slimline cat6a patch cables to decrease overall weight on cables, equipment and cable managers. 

Network Infrastructure

Project Photo Gallery

Click on an individual photo to view full size photo in our project gallery.

LEDCOR Boardroom


Graham Currie, Regional Manager

"Thanks to Scott Muhlbeier and the team at Teatrx for helping us develop our new space! We're thrilled with the end result. 
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