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Triovest is a fully integrated commercial

real estate advisory and capital firm.  


Winter Garden, Bistro/Lounge Area, Games Area


Saskatoon, SK 



To allow tenants a connected space for casual interactions or to act as full presentation and video conferencing space by having the ability to plug in or wirelessly present to the displays.  


Prominently located in downtown Saskatoon’s emerging entertainment district, the North Tower is the second phase of Triovest’s comprehensive office space. Becoming the tallest office tower in Saskatchewan it consists of 18 storeys totaling over 261,000 square feet. 

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16' x 12' VIDEO WALL - A large video wall encased within a custom metal frame consists of sixteen - 55" LG Displays. This stunning video wall is located on the 18th floor and part of what is called the "Winter Garden" because it is backed with a living 34 foot moss wall. Six Bose line array speakers were placed on either side of the wall to carry sound throughout the large space. The display wall supports BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) technology that delivers contactless wireless presentation with web conferencing. Meeting hosts can connect wirelessly using their own personal device and launch a web conferencing service of their choice. Content on the video wall can be easily shared to remote participants as well as to all 18th floor displays so everyone can be fully engaged. 



The Bistro/Lounge area was designed to ensure that all content and sound from the Winter Garden would be able to be heard and seen from this area if desired.  Operating as casual huddle spaces with connection to SaskTel, tenants have access to stream endless entertainment. 

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The games area was designed as a place for tenants to enjoy a game of foosball or have cocktails with colleagues at the end of the day while enabling them to connect via an HDMI cable to the 86" display. All content and sound from the Winter Garden is able to be merged into this area or simply access TV control with SaskTel's entertainment service. 


The 18th floor was placed on its own network to control and run all equipment on the respective floor. Both Shaw Communications and Sasktel were incorporated into the infrastructures to ensure that tenants internet connection requirements for speed and consistency would be met to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

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